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A Lumines clone for Amstrad. Try to make a four square by rotating and aligning 2×2 blocks. Squares of one color will be erased when the time line passes over them.

Coded in BASIC using 8BP library

How to play

Cursor left/right: Move the block

Space: Rotate the block

Cursor down: Drop the block

Controls can be defined: Joystick can be used.

How to run the game in a real Amstrad CPC

Load the disc into the device, then type RUN"loader.bas[ENTER] 

How to run the game using an emulator

  • DSK file: Load the disk into emulator and type RUN"loader.bas"[ENTER]
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TagsHomebrew, Retro


Llum.dsk 190 kB


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Excellent Work!!! Congrats!!!!

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Great tetris variation ! Cool style. Congratulations !

thank you. I played many hours on PSP. Amstrad platform is perfect for these games.

Looks really lovely and the tune is great too! Am I too old or is it too fast??

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You can play 'no time' mode for playing without time and less difficulty